Architectural and political France at the time of the bubble villa!

In the wake of Le Corbusier, André Bloc, Franck Lloyd Wright or Jacques Couelle, in the same vein as the habitologist Antti Lovag, the architect sculptor Daniel Grataloup, thanks to his gunitage patent, infused the architecture of the seventies, generous, organic and free forms, which today still seem revolutionary. Let us remember this decade when this architectural freedom resonated with its time.

May 68 set the tone. The man was walking on the moon, and the woman was taking possession of her body. General de Gaulle was no longer, and Georges Pompidou, the kinetic man, suddenly disappeared. Then came a young President who let the craziest initiatives blow up when the first oil shock was about to overwhelm us. In architecture, this poetic parenthesis will be short-lived, with urban planners locking and standardizing our environment.

The Villa Bulle Bulle Lyonnaise, remains a poignant testimony to the dreamlike vision of the future of the seventies. Remaining furiously current and tasteful, the villa bubble enters its portal for a while …

Daniel Grataloup
Villa vue du ciel

Enter the sculpture!

The sculpture, which has become habitable, strives to satisfy its guests, but a much nobler objective is to help satisfy the imagination and creative freedom of poets. By what may seem whimsical and utopian, this villa reveals seemingly free forms, while they materialize from the principles of ecology and organic aesthetics.

It is in this profound duality that the architect sculptor, leaves his work open to the reflection of future generations. Man can have his time, for he is the only one to live it, but he cannot have the space, for the space remains and he survives. The only thing that remains is to live the sensory experience, to inhabit a work of art, to blend into it, until it becomes a detail of it. Whether it’s for an hour or for life. It is to hope to feel, its own crystallization, in the fusion of space and time

6 good reasons to visit villa Bulle

Don’t wait, go back to the future, before it’s too late


An iconic and rare construction of 20th century bubble architecture, remained entirely intact to what it was in the 1970s.
It is a unique example of openness to the public

The villa has a unique architectural interest, period design furniture specially made for the house and all the emblematic objects of the seventies.
This opening to the public will not last as the house will be modernized and made completely private, later.
A stone’s throw from Lyon, easy to reach. The booking of the day and time is made online. This is a private tour where the number of visitors is voluntarily limited.
You are involved in the rescue and preservation of a building with a unique signature in France.
You find what rocked your adolescence, your childhood or that of your parents.