Marriage of Henry IV and Mary of Medici in 1600. First celebrated in Florence in Tuscany in the absence of the King. A new ceremony took place in Lyon, in St. John’s Cathedral. The King’s setbacks with the papacy could have made Lyon the new capital of the Kingdom. Henry IV on his no less famous white horse, blasonne the town hall of Lyon.

Henri 4

La quenelle Lyonnaise is Joseph Moyne in 1888. Everyone agrees to pay tribute to him, he recreated the recipe and its form, made it known and dedicated the glory of the one, who would become the culinary star of Lyon and the Dombes.

Quennelle de Lyon

Doing piste skiing in Lyon, it was possible in the 60s and 70s. On a synthetic track, equipped with a chairlift. But watch out for the falls. Its name is the track of “La Sarra”.

Le chateau Henri 4
Patisserie Joseph Moyne
Téléski Lyon


The praline pie, the flagship dessert of Lyon cuisine. You thought his story was back to the Greek calendars! Well NO! If it has become a Lyon tradition, it is because The Lyonnais prefer cold meats and savoury dishes; we find very few desserts in Lyon’s cuisine, apart from bugnes and papillotes. It was the restaurateur Alain Chapel who created this new tradition in his restaurant in 1975. It will finish your meal very well in a cork in Lyon.

tarte praline

Lyon seventies. If you want to see the stigma of the 70s in Lyon, nothing could be simpler. The tower on the part of God (massive and aerial), the auditorium of Lyon (in the shape of a st jacques shell), The Interchange of Perrache (the wart of Lyon), They are all monuments of the seventies !

Bue Perrache

If you want to visit one of the architectural gems of the 70s gesture, hurry, the bubble villa opens its doors for a while! enter into a total sculpture.

Villa bulle
Vue aérienne Lyon
Vue aerienne villa bulle


Lyon Unesco World Heritage. The long history of Lyon, founded by the Romans as the capital of the Three Gauls in the 1st century BC. J.-C., which has played a major role in the political, cultural and economic development of Europe since that time, is vividly illustrated by its urban fabric and by many historic buildings of all eras.

Basilisque fourvière
basilique fourvière
Lyon la nuit