History of the place

Half a mile from Lyon, Lissieu was always a stopover for travellers who left Lyon or who were going to enter, We could eat and change the horses. This stop was made just before or after crossing the dangerous woods of Vaise. In the 12th century the place is part of the estate of the Sires of Beaujeu, residents of the castle of Lissieu now largely gone.

Over time the lordship passed from hand to hand to the Senechal of Lyon Pierre Masso Chevalier-Seigneur de la Ferrière, Plantin, Lissieu, Baron de Chasselay, Senechal de Lyon, Commander for the Roy in the Provinces of Lyonnais, Forez and Beaujolais. Then, at Charles de Masso, Marquis de la Ferrière, Lord of Lissieu and Baron de Chasselay.

Two forgotten battles were fought there: first, Napoleonic Battlefield, March 20, 1814. The oversized Austrians defeated Marshal Augereau’s army at the battle of Limonest. This defeat sounded the death knell for the French campaign and the first empire.

Then, during the Second World War, on June 19 and 20, 1940. After the French defeat, Lyon was declared an open city. Generals continued to defend the city and asked the 25th Senegalese Tirailleurs Regiment to stop the German advance between Montluzin and Chasselay. Killed in action or summarily slaughtered the sacrifice of these men is recounted in the TATA cemetery, not far away.

Bataille Limonest
cimetiere mémoire
Bataille Limonest
cimetiere mémoire

Discover the Villa Bulle: Land of the Moon

A 1/4 hour from Lyon in the Golden

MountainsMymymed of the organic architecture of the 70s.

Bubble Architecture, Sculpture Architecture, Gesture Architecture.

101 Route de Limonest 69380 LISSIEU

Unique representative in France of the architecture of Daniel Grataloup’s gesture. The Villa Moonland is emblematic of the organic movement of bubble villas.

Daniel Grataloup, born on December 25, 1937 in Lyon, Croix Rousse district. Nationalities: French and Swiss. Doctor of the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Architect SIA – Urbanist, Interior Architect designer CATUCAD, Professor of Plastic Arts, Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.

Vue aerienne villa bulle

Moonland: “Seventies in Total Immersion”

Dive or plunge back into this bubbling and surreal atmosphere with unbridled psychedelic. In total look, architecture, music, politics and everyday life, all themes will be addressed, nothing will be spared.

No! you do not dream, everything here has been preserved to make you live a unique sensory experience, 45 years away. Like a tear in the space-time continuum.

You will live a singular moment in this Villa Bulle, in the heart of the architectural delirium of the artist Daniel Grataloup.

Discover an emblematic realization of organic architecture, this futuristic movement whose deconstrucious the world of design . The era, eph legs and orange sub-pulls, Abba tubes…

” Earth of the Moon” our Alpha base, this Lunar house that the cursed architect had taken from our satellite to lay it in Lyon land opens to your eyes for only a short time before its modernization. So hurry up and enjoy those special moments of private visits.

salon villa lissieu
salle da bain villa bulle

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