The Bubble Villa : “Moonland”

“The shortest journey from earth to the moon”

1974, when the Apollo mission has just ended, the first humans are walking on the Moon and its colonization is envisaged, Lyon’s earthlings imagine moving to the earth’s natural satellite. As this is not yet quite possible. They opted for the construction of a lunar villa, a veritable architectural UFO.


Today, we invite you to come and discover this nonconformist habitat built just 15 minutes from LYON, for a private tour.

Embark on a journey through space-time, and visit in our company the universe of this piece of Moon Earth, which the architect-sculptor Daniel Grataloup posed in the Golden Mountains, between Limonest and Lissieu.

No more concentration housing, the stereotypical prison happiness of ideologues born in the 19th century and widely applied to the 20th century. Make way for free forms, free living, free products. Eat vegetables from the vegetable garden and fruit from the orchard.


In parallel to the project of the villa bubble “moonland” we offer you to live or relive, the reckless moments of the seventies; this wind of freedom that wanted to topple the table, the modernity of a world in which plastic would reign supreme, the new idols would be: fashion, music, advertising, television, consumer society. This new world, which was crading rural and transhumant populations in ever-larger, even higher suburbs and further from the city centre. How can we not mention this moment when the world economy was going to suffer the full brunt of the first oil shock and the urban planners were going to take back control and close the door to utopian dreams.


There are still a few witnesses to this utopia achieved, and we invite you to invest one of them. During a visit commented and illustrated with anecdotes, we will relive these beautiful years past. We will be able to address a thousand subjects: Comparative architecture, seventies design, utensils, lifestyle evolution. Depending on your desires or your past memories.

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